Portable Top Tank Access Ladder

Safety’ is the top priority when it comes to oil and petroleum processing industry. Working at heights and that too safely is a challenge at all times. Keeping this peculiar requirement in view, ARHAM has introduced an innovative high quality, well-engineered sturdy “PORTABLE TOP TANK LADDER” which provides safety as well as flexibility to the user to work at heights. This “PORTABLE TOP TANK LADDER” can be easily and comfortably used on a MOBILE ROAD Tanker as well as on a RAIL TANKER.

The work normally involves handling / filling flammable and hazardous products such as petrol, diesel, gas, oil, kerosene etc. and/or industrial liquids such as heavy fuel oil, bitumen, marine gas oil & aviation fuels. These mobile tanker access ladders are suitable for addressing all tasks such as filling, sampling, inspection, cleaning, testing etc. which are required to be performed being on top of a tanker absolutely safe and yet with complete mobility.

Arham, with more than 10 years of expertise in this niche area, have manufactured this indigenously.

“Arham” with its “Climbing Solution” can help you address any and all your “Elevated Access Issues”.

Key Features and Benefits:

Plenty of safety features are built into our “Portable Top Tank Access Ladder” viz:

  • Non-slip rungs, handrails and an extended top step for safe access to the top of the tanker.

  • Adjustable and flexible access solutions to operate at a wide range of platform heights thereby completely replacing multiple static ladders.

  • Adjustable access position to fit any tanker size.

  • Secured locking mechanism to ensure fail proof safety.

  • Anodized aluminum steps, winch gear and powder coated steel structure – designed for durability and long lasting if stored in the open for long periods.

  • Safety cage extends well over tanker thereby covering the large work area.

  • Heavy duty castors ideal for concrete hard standing.

  • Built with light weight design thereby eliminating the need for special towing equipment / vehicles.

  • Customized solution to address light as well as heavy duty applications.

  • Highly flexible when it comes to storing and safe keeping when not in use.

  • Available in multiple and customized sizes to suit the customers needs.