Automation of Storm Water Drain Gate

Motorization of Lifting Arrangement of HP Nallah Gates Project – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. India

  • The Gates are situated in one of the leading Petrochemical Industries, M/s. BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.). The Conventional system used only Chain-Pulley Block for the operation of the Storm gates also known as Nallah Gates. As the plant is situated near the sea shore, it acts as a baffle during High tide, At the same time these gates baffles the oil spillage and crude waste going to the sea and to protect the interest of the people residing around the BPCL Premises.
  •   The movement of gate was very slow.
  •   During heavy rainfall or flood, it was difficult to operate the gates even through conventional system due to heavy water pressure. As a result, the accumulation of drain water inside the plant can cause a havoc
  •   More man power were required
  •   No standby system was available except Chain-Pulley system
  • ARHAM had sort out all the above shortfall by introducing full proof Automization system for Lifting the Gates and designed the complete system as per their site conditions as follows
  •   New Steel Structure was designed, fabricated and installed without disturbing the old structure.
  •   Provision of Winch-gear system for individual gates coupled with Electrical Flameproof system (viz: Motor, Panel etc.) resulting in rapid movement of gates.
  •   Single common Flameproof Panel for all gates with Push Button operations resulting in single man power. Even during flood or heavy rain, the operations of gates are without any hassle. Thus increasing the efficiency of the plant
  •   Chain-Pulley system as a stand-by arrangement.
  •   Provision of Cage Ladder and Platform for ease in accessibility to the system

Case Studies

Many Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer Industries etc. has a Provision of Storm Drain Gates / Nallah Gate, Operated through Conventional System - Chain Pulley Block System to Baffle the Spillage of Oil and Crude Entering the Sea.

This System can Create Havoc during Flood and Heavy Monsoon or Major Volumetric Spillage of Crude Waste Discharge. During this Period it may become difficult to Lift the Gate and May Create a Disaster Situation.

Arham has come out with a total indigenous solution by providing atomization flameproof system which can even be operated in hazardous areas in plants.

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