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Molded Grating
“ARHAM” Molded Grating is an integral construction one-piece Fiber Glass roving reinforced unsaturated polyester resin (FRP) grating. This grating comprises of 60-65% resin by weight and immensely strong continuous glass.
Pultruded Grating Molded Grating Pultruded Grating
Pultruded Grating
“ARHAM” Pultruded Grating is assembled pultruded H-sections or T-sections linked by rod per distance into panel. The distance is decided by an open area rate. Pultruded grating provides extremely high unidirectional strength and stiffness, since H-section or T-section can provide great mechanical load whereas the rods work as Connector. Pultruded Grating are stronger than Molded Grating because of the higher glass content.
Pultruded Grating Molded Grating Pultruded Grating