Hydrant Pipe Support

Replacement of Steel With FRP for Hydrant Pipe Support System Project – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. India

  • Major Industries viz: Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Chemical Industries etc are prone to corrosion environment either in the area they are situated and/or its chemical which are being produced by them. M/s. BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.), one of the leading player of Petrochemical Industries had to face a similar problem.
  •   The areas like Cooling Tower, Main Oil Catcher Unit and other plants where safety is the prime concern, painting of Steel Handrail was frequent, resulting in huge financial losses. Sometimes due to heavy corrosion, they start producing dent thus weakening the structure and have no choice but to replace the same. Replacement requires reconstruction of civil foundation too, resulting in additional financial loss.
  • ARHAM has replaced Steel with UVRGCP (Ultra Violet Resistant Glass Composite Polymer) Handrail, a heavy corrosion resistance material with following properties
  •   Fire Retardant as per IS 6746 standards
  •   Zero maintenance – No more painting is required due to its inherent color pigmentation
  •   Easy replacement of section if damaged without reconstruction of civil foundation
  •   No hot permit is required in Flameproof or Hazardous zone as the handrail panels are factory build

Case Studies

Many of the hydrant pipe support system installed in heavy corrosion environment required regular maintenance or Periodic Replacement Caused due to Rusting or Dents resulting in Performance during emergency which can be a threat to the Plant Operations. Arham has overcome this problem by providing reinforced composite monolithic designed system with following Features:

Salient Features:

  •   Withstanding Pressure upto 14 Kgs
  •   HDT (Dry atmosphere up to 180˚C)
  •   Fire Retardant
  •   Corrosive Resistance hence no remake of Civil foundation

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