Instrument Protection System

Made out of hot-pressed glassfibre reinforced polyester, ARHAM offers three standard FRP/GRP Instrument Protection Enclosure sizes for protecting field-mounted equipment. The range of form factors and installation features, combined with the choice of sizes, allows optimal and cost-effective environmental protection to be configure easily for virtually any instrumentation or control application. The FRP/GRP Instrument Protection Enclosure are made from a special high-performance grade of glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). This fire-retardant material is very stable, almost immune to damage from chemical and petrochemical media, and has a high strength to weight ratio than that of Steel.

ARHAM FRP/GRP Instrument Protection Enclosure is a two-part enclosure having a crocodile/diagonal opening with lower part for installation of equipment, upper part as lid with ease in access to field equipment maintenance . Tube Entry is typically made from rear or bottom. The FRP/GRP Instrument Protection Enclosure can be mounted on 2” Dia Stanchion Pipe with Acrylic see through window for Instrument reading and making it easy to access almost every part of the equipment. Instrument is usually mounted 50mm/60mm Inside Adaptor Pipe or with various Accessories available as per the Client requirement