Scum Baffle For Waste Water Treatment

Composite Scum Baffle For Waste Water Treatment Project – Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, India

Project Video

  • Asia’s Largest Sewerage & Waste Water Treatment Facility at Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai was constructed by M/s. Gammon India Ltd., The project was under arbitration for one of the reason was Provision of Floating Scum Baffle in grit chamber.
  •   The purpose was to arrest the floating and organic material from the effluent pumping station and send the unpolluted water to the sea, maintaining the dissolved oxygen content as per MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) norms, protect the living organisms near the sea bed and avoid spreading of stink. As the MOC (Material of Construction) and its operation were unclear, it became a difficult task for M/s. Gammon India Ltd. M/s. Binnie & Partners India Ltd. (Consultant) and MCGM (Client) to find a suitable product which could solve this problem.
  • Though were not relevant with this terminology but were confident in providing a solution to the above problem. After a series of discussion, M/s. Gammon were confident that ARHAM is the only company as compare to other vendors who can provide a suitable solution to their requirement.
  • They provided following solutions step wise as under
  •   In their first option, they have designed the baffle in Wooden Structure which can act as a float and arrest the scum. But the solution was not accepted by the Consultant as the grit chamber was too long to have a monolithic structure and withstand the water pressure.
  •   The second option was designed in HDPE material. But the same was rejected by MCGM as during maintenance or removal of scum from the grit chamber, the material may get damaged due to impact of the crane and required a rigid structure

Case Studies

Composites of Steel and Reinforced Composite. Works on the principle of Buoyancy. Field proven to withstand high pressures of Sewerage water. Arrest the Floating particles, Scum and other Organic materials. As a result, life of many living organism in the sea are protected and saves environment. Customize design as per the site conditions.

Industrial Application:

  •   Scum removal from ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

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